Software Engineering

Welcome to Fire Biscuit Software Engineering & Game Programming

Heya! I'm Yohan, a Software Engineer at Google by day and hobbyist Game Programmer on weekends. I am also an avid video games and board games player.

I will be using this blog to publish some tips about indie game development (Unity, Web, Mobile) as well as other commentaries on the games that I'm playing or general programming and engineering practices.

I spent 10 years in startups across the world (France, Singapore, San Francisco) where I built 100+ mobile apps across most systems as well as backend development and data analysis pipelines. 5 years ago (2016) I came back to Singapore to join Google as a Software Engineer building apps for lower end devices with emphasis on performance and memory optimization and managing engineering excellence and practices for multiple Google products.

All along I've been building games on the side (2D, Card Games, Location-based, mobile) using HTML5/React, MOAI/Lua and more recently Unity.

You might have played my most recent (2015) game on PC / Mobile called Mighty Dungeons which was mildly successful and released on Steam (super proud of that, let me know if it sucked :)).

I am currently working on a new card-based RPG based on tactical card battle mechanics from Gloomhaven, Mage Knight (my favorite board game of all time) and Mage Wars (my wife's favorite).

I'll be sharing my devlog on this blog as well as a dedicated YouTube Channel.

Let me know in the comments if there are certain topics you are interested in hearing about more specifically and I can prepare blog post or YouTube videos on the topic.